Energy Harvest BLE Module

    nRF52832 series IC is used to BLE interface of an energy harvesting platform. BLE communication module is designed to charge main cacacitor to upper limit and then generates an interrupt to MCU to enable the BLE IC. If the stored energy is getting low another… Read More »Energy Harvest BLE Module

    ESP32 Sound Board

      ESP32 sound board is updated version of audio enabled foreign speech development device for kids and mentally diabled people. Because of high memory requirement WROVER type of ESP32 is used in this design. I prefer to place all component in one side but becaue of… Read More »ESP32 Sound Board

      ESP32 Multi Tester

        MultiTester is developed to test AC control smart plug mainboard. Its configuration is able to fit many connected/smart application. ESP32 WROOM WiFi/BLE MCU 7-22V DC input AC 220 detector Pluggable step motor driver Servo motor header Micro SD card 5V 2A relay WS2812 Neopixel RGB… Read More »ESP32 Multi Tester

        Access Control

          Access control board is designed to grant access via BLE or ISO14443 contactless card. It is powered by ESP32 dual core microcontroller. WiFi is supported by MCU, board also support Ethernet via Wiznet5500 IC. See below for full specs.

          Raspberry Pi CM3 Carrier Board

            Raspberry Pi CM3 carrier board has industrial range power supply and input filter. See all specs and ref photos below.

            Easy Debug Tool

              Debugging is the most efficient way to find bugs and fix them easily. Debugging interface would be 20 pins connector or just 3 pins. In any way you have to connect cable to mainboard. I would like to meet you a very easy way to… Read More »Easy Debug Tool