ESP32 Sound Board

    ESP32 sound board is updated version of audio enabled foreign speech development device for kids and mentally diabled people. Because of high memory requirement WROVER type of ESP32 is used in this design. I prefer to place all component in one side but becaue of very small form factor this board is designed double sided.

    It has digital audio amplifier and digital speaker directly driven by ESP32 I2S interface. For the best audio achievement, amplifier is fed by Li-Ion battery and microphone is fed by seperate LDO regulator.

    Details and features of the board

    • 5V micro USB input (only power)
    • 3.8V Li-Ion battery charger
    • I2S audio amplifier
    • I2S digital microphone
    • Micro SD card read/write
    • 6 axis Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Temp sensor
    • NFC card reader
    • Vibration motor driver
    • Real time clock
    • 3 buttons
    • Digital and analog seperated regulator