Keyboard Simulator Arduino & Sharp Develop

    This project is combination of a windows application developed in SharpDevelop in C# and an arduino application running on any arduino board with serial interface. These two applications communicate via serial port. Any other MCU with USART is wellcome.

    The idea was to control function keys(F1, F2) and space key via food pedal switch. I have checked a few samples for Arduino boards with USB interface. I did not have such board and it was weekend. So, I have developed my own project running on any serial interface microcontroller.

    Arduino application is very easy;

    • Set button pins as input
    • Open serial @115200
    • Catch button press and send a byte assigned for that button

    Windows application is as easy as arduino app. Check this tutorial for more information about windows application background. Also check this page for keys and their respresentation.

    Get sources from GIT:

    Key simulator arduino code:

    Key simulator sharp develop: